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Detergents contain a host of chemicals harmful to both body and environment. Luckily, there are many options out there to make the green transition easier on consumers. Non-toxic, biodegradable soaps are definitely important to cleaning up the environment. Green, forward-looking companies, are seeking to develop products that do just that–cleaning up the environment, while they clean our houses and clothes. One company CitraSolv is creating products that meet that goal.

My Experience Using in the Laundry

I used CitraSuds Natural Laundry Detergent (this one and this one) for the first time today. I washed a normal load in a normal (not high-efficiency) washer. I did not use fabric softener, as I wanted to test if CitraSuds would work all by itself. I am extremely pleased! It worked fantastically! My husbands’ very dirty work socks, a load of towels, and a nasty bathroom rug all turned out very clean. Everything came out soft and smelled great. 

Like Fresh-Squeezed Oranges
CitraSuds Natural Laundry Detergent, the Valencia Orange Fragrance, has a delicious aroma, straight out of the bottle! It kinda reminds me of freshly squeezed oranges.

(CitraSuds Natural Laundry Detergent is also available in powdered form, although I haven’t tried that yet.)

Citra-Solv Cleaners Citra Suds Laundry Detergent Review

CitraSolv’s Green Products

To be “green” a soap or cleaner must be biodegradable, in other words, quickly break down in the environment rather than staying in a separate form. For instance, plant-based cleaners usually made from the oils of plants, break-down or disintegrate, just like fresh vegetable scraps will break down in a compost pile forming rich earth for a garden.

Petroleum-based cleaners or cleaners with synthetic chemicals often do not biodegrade at all or will take many years to biodegrade, leaving a chemical residue in the environment, leeching into the soil and water.

CitraSolv, the makers of such products as CitraSuds, a natural laundry detergent and CitraDish, a natural dishwashing soap, are cognizant of the environment and specifically have designed their products to be plant-based, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

Less Water & No Chemicals

CitraSuds is specifically designed to be concentrated, so that the consumer uses less water and less plastic packaging, helping the environment. Consumers can support companies such as CitraSolv, by purchasing their products and thereby supporting the true “greening” of the soap and detergent industry.

Rather than using products with chemically-based, artificial fragrances to wash dishes and clothing with, shoppers can choose natural products that have aromas direct from nature created by essential oils from herbs and fruits. A huge plus is that these all-natural essential oils often have their own cleansing abilities, fortifying the cleaning power of the soap itself.

Aromatherapy While Cleaning!

Lavender, Bergamot, Orange, and Grapefruit are all common essential oils used as fragrances in CitraSuds and in all CitraSolv products. These natural fragrances are each known for their individual cleansing capabilities. Aromatherapy and herbal medicine have been used for thousands of years in every culture. Families now have the pleasure of easily washing their clothes and homes with real-scented herbs that are known to rejuvenate and relax.

This is a far cry from the labels filled with warnings of toxicity on most chemical detergents that consumers have grown up within the United States and around the world. It is a pleasure to inhale an all-natural cleaner and not choke! All Natural Cleaners are often less toxic in case of accidental ingestion by a child or dog. Kudos to all the Green Cleaning Manufacturers like CitraSolv who are “cleaning up” the cleaning trade.

Fragrance Choices
Valencia Orange: Wonderfully rejuvenating! Lavender Bergamot: Very Soothing.