Kids’ Toy Storage Ideas

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Kids’ Storage Solutions for Every Space

Organizing toys and children’s collectibles can be a challenging task. Kids’ bedroom storage or kids’ playroom storage can be easily solved with a few simple ideas.

As children grow and begin to collect a larger assortment of toys, collectibles, and paraphernalia, parents may be hard-pressed to figure out ways of organizing toys that is both simple and highly usable. Using toy organizer bins may be a great place to start, but finding the right system and making it accessible to kids is the key.

Types of Toy Storage Bins

There are several different systems of kids’ toy storage bins on the market. These can range in size, cost and system from plain plastic containers to highly organized shelving systems. To purchase the correct type of storage system, consider what the storage needs are before proceeding.

If the toys are large, frequently played with items larger, durable bins will be needed such as:

  • Clear or tinted plastic containers with lids
  • Heavy plastic or rubber “tubs” or bins with looped handles
  • Round, soft-sided “pop up” toy organizers with no cover
  • Soft-sided, fold-out storage containers
  • Repurposed DVD Shelf



If the toys are smaller, with multiple components that would be lost in a larger container, smaller organizers are needed such as:

  • Shelving toy organizers consisting of stand-alone shelves with plastic bins which fit onto them
  • Small, fabric covered file boxes with or without lids which can be labeled on the outside
  • Long, shallow wicker baskets with handles. If the baskets are being turned over frequently, they can be easily nailed in a row to a low shelf, when they no longer need to be nailed in place, the nails can be removed from the baskets without leaving permanent holes

For stuffed animals and dolls, an easily seen and reachable system is needed:

  • Stuffed animal hammocks which can be hung above beds or couches
  • Stuffed animal racks or towers which can be placed in corners or next to beds
  • A large, flexible barred “cage” can also be constructed of bungee cords and platforms to contain the stuffed animals when not in use. The bungee cords will stretch to allow the child to put in and take out the toys. Simply attach the upper platform to the wall and stretch the bungee cords between them.

Labeling and Organizing

To make the toy organizing system usable and accessible, the child’s age and habits will need to be taken into account. Simply labeling a bin in large, clear letters will work well for school-age children but younger children may have more difficulty understanding what this bin is for.

Promote learning and organization by labeling each bin for young children with both the word and a picture of what goes belongs there. A small bin designated for matchbox cars would be labeled “cars”, and would include a picture of a car to make it clear what the bin is for.

Place any and all bins, shelving or baskets on a level easily reachable by the child. This may mean purchasing or building bookcases of height the child can reach and storing smaller bins on it, or simply lining the edges of a room with large plastic bins. If the toys are not used frequently, bins with lids can be stacked on top of one another in a closet. Simply make sure that the bins are well labeled and easily taken down when needed.

For smaller toys, bins or baskets without lids may work better, as it allows small children to see what is inside at a glance, helping to facilitate finding the toys and encouraging the use of the organization system.

Whether this a child’s bedroom or a playroom, keeping toys organized and put away can help keep the area neat, safe and accessible, while helping to instill good habits for years to come. Work together with the child to come up with an organization system that suits everyone’s needs to help ensure the system’s use.

Begin organizing toys and children’s collectibles today and transform the child’s play area into a well maintained and ordered room.