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I love life-hacks.
And to me a life-hack that saves money and time? No brainer!

A quick google search yielded all kinds of quick temporary remedies, but this one my friends is even better then the real stuff (from the store? how did I get in such a consumer place!) And the best part, if you already make my pennies per load laundry detergent, you are half way there!

First, run out to your recycle bin and grab your empty store-bought detergent container. Mine was a 75 oz version which this recipe filled perfectly.

Gather your materials. You will need:

  • 2 dry cups of Super Washing Soda
  • 6 cups of warm tap water
  • 10 Tablespoons of Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Peppermint Soap

That is all!

Pour the warm water into your blender. Dump in the soda and stir until your liquid starts to get slightly gel-like. Add the Dr. Bronners soap. Blend for just a bit until the mix starts to look more whipped and goopy. Hold onto the lid, having it in a tighter space makes it compress a bit and become gel-like.


Pour into your old container. I found I can use about half as much of this solution in my machine as store bought. Not to mention I know what is in it, that it is safe for my family and the environment.



Just a little brag… I have saved hundreds this year just by replacing 3 things in my household for homemade solutions. Laundry detergent, Dishwashing detergent, and shampoo. Look for that shampoo post friends… not sure I am quite ready to show pics of my scalp yet, but yes I haven’t used shampoo in about 4 months!