The Only 3 Quick & Easy Closet Decluttering Tips You’ll Ever Need


Letting go of clothing can be an emotionally complicated issue. But I gave away seven trash bags of clothing and shoes to charity last week, and I don’t regret one thread!

How did I know what to give away and what to keep? The following rules helped me cut the nostalgia and get down to business.

Ask 3 Questions of Each Piece

Ask 3 Questions of Each Piece

If you answer no to any of these questions, the piece is history.

  1. Have I worn this in the last year?
  2. Do I feel good in this?
  3. If I didn’t feel guilty for some reason, would I still be hanging on to this?

These questions helped me chuck about one-third of my clothing. And what of feeling bad about getting rid of something I spent money on or someone gave me? It lasted for about two seconds. Then all I felt was clean goodness.

If in Doubt, Try it On

If in Doubt, Try it On

After trying some stuff on for my 20th college reunion coming up this weekend (yikes!), I collected another pile to give away. Why? Things still looked good — they just didn’t look good on me.

Yes, my shape has changed, but so has my style and station in life. Midriff? I’m not so hot on showing it anymore, and some of my glittery, vintage sweaters were just too darn short. Plunging necklines? Maybe for a night on the town with hubby, but do I really want to flash the playground every time I pick up a sand toy?

When It Hurts Too Much


If giving stuff away is really just too painful, here are some alternatives:

  • Put it on hold: Bag up the questionable stuff and keep it in your attic or basement. After three months, if you don’t miss it, toss it.
  • Go the wrong way: Turn all your hangers the wrong way.  After you wear something, turn the hanger the right way. After a year, toss anything on a backward hanger.
  • Beat wardrobe fatigue: If you really want to save money and not completely say good-bye to your clothes, organize a clothing swap. If you exchange pieces with a group of friends, you can get free new clothes and your old stuff will be in good hands.
  • Give it away to your . . . children? My daughters’ dress-up bin is a lot more interesting now that it has disco dresses, frilly black slips, and beaded purses.

So I hope I’ve given you some ammunition to wage war against the clutter. If you tackle your closet, please come back and tell me how it went!