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Can You Get Bed Bugs From Public Laundromats

Bed bugs can be killed using high heat of 120°F (49°C), extreme cold below -19 °C,  high concentrations of carbon dioxide, chemicals, pesticides. and  Ozone treatments. Therefore yes, you can get bed bugs from public laundromats if the infested materials being washed have not been subjected to any of the above-mentioned methods. For example, let say someone with bedbugs washes all of their bedding in cold water. Then yes, bed bugs could be in that washing machine (or on the outside) and then you come along and also wash in cold water .. bam ~ the sharing of bed bugs has begun!



What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

The first sign that you may have a problem with bed bugs is small black dot “bed bug droppings” that looks the droppings look like the surface has been dabbed with a felt tip pen. Wipe a finger over the spot, if it brushes away it is not bed bug related. If the spot smudges then you may need to request an inspection.


What’s Wrong with Bed Bug Killing Systems?

To know the major disadvantages of the four existing strategies to kill bed bugs,
please watch this excellent 16-minute video on YouTube—

Here’s a summary of the major defects of the four existing bedbug killing methods:

  • Chemical Treatment of bedbugs is relatively ineffective (normally a 50% kill), resulting in the need for multiple treatments, and the long term effects of the bedbug chemicals on the human body aren’t clearly known.
  • Dry Steaming and Vacuuming – “dry” steam?  Water isn’t “dry.”  There will
    always be some water residual, which can become a breeding ground for
    mold and other microorganisms; it’s difficult to find an impregnated female bed
    bugs as they normally leave the colony and move to remote places.  In most
    cases this method needs to be followed by Chemical Treatment.
  • Heat Systems – excessive heat can cause delamination of furniture and
    damage other building materials; the risk of fire (see below); concrete and
    other building materials are difficult to get to 140 degrees.
  • Freezing/Cryogenic – similar to dry steaming, getting the “cold” into the hidden
    spaces is difficult.  As with dry steaming, this method needs to be followed by
    Chemical Treatment.


Best Bed Bug Killing Option




Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 

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