50 lb Bag Of Borax – What is Borax? Where Can I Buy It?

Borax, also known as sodium borate (Na2B4O7.10H2), is a colorless, salt-like substance that can also be a white powder. Borax has a number of legitimate applications and is widely used in manufacturing as detergents, water softeners, and weak antiseptics. It is also used to make fertilizers, pesticides, and is sometimes found in pharmaceuticals. Some Asian cultures use Borax during food preparation as a firming agent, meat rub, preservative, or tenderizer.

What is Borax Powder

Borax powder comes from sodium borate, a naturally occurring mineral. Borax has lots of applications and it’s widely used as a cleaning agent and in cosmetics.

You can usually buy Borax powder in the laundry section of local grocery stores. It has 2 to 3 year shelf life and must be kept away from excessive moisture.

Where can I buy a 50 lb Bag of Borax?

You can purchase bulk quantities of Borax (sodium borate) online, however, the most common bulk weight is sold in 55-pound units. I purchase mine in the 55-lb resealable buckets. (found here) . There are a few sellers who have the 50 lb size, but weight for weight and quality for quality the 55 lb I’ve been purchasing is the most economical.




Some Facts about Borax

The largest Borax deposits are found in Chile, California, Tibet and the southwestern U.S. Borax looks like white table salt, but its consistency is similar to that of powder. It is not reactive and flammable but is known for its toxicity.

The first confirmed use of this mineral occurred in the tenth century. It was utilized in China for ceramic glazes and since then, it has been utilized for everything from household cleaning to flea control and cosmetics.

Uses for Borax powder

Laundry – This powder doesn’t contain chlorine or phosphates. It functions efficiently as a laundry booster when pre-treating stains and doing regular and delicate wash loads. Borax controls alkalinity, deodorizes clothing and serves as a water conditioner.

Cosmetics – Borax is found in lotions, gels, shampoos, bath bombs, bath salts, and creams. It’s an emulsifier, a cleansing agent, a buffering agent and a preservative. Usually used in bath salts, it can soften the water as well as suspend soap particles in your bathwater.

The result is clean, healthy and soft skin that is not clogged by the remainder of soap particles. When used together with citric acid in bath salt recipes or bath bomb, it will create a fizzing action. When mixed with guar gum and water, it forms a body or bath gel. Overall, Borax serves as a preservative, water softener, emulsifier, and a buffering agent.

Household cleaning – It can be used to clean floors and walls. Borax also leaves toilets and sinks sparkling clean as it is an effective stain remover. It can be utilized to deodorize garbage disposals, mattresses, diaper pails, and trash barrels. You can also use Borax powder for fleas.

Other uses – Borax powder can be used to reduce smoke and ash problems and it also helps in flower preservation. Aside from this, Borax is also the main ingredient in homemade slimes for the kids.

Is Borax powder safe to use?

Borax must not be ingested as ingesting large doses might be fatal.

It should not be inhaled as well. Exposure to eyes or skin might cause irritation. It should be kept out of the reach of pets and children. Overall, Borax is safe to use, but proper handling is important to make sure that unwanted incidents will not happen.