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Let’s face it – it’s pretty much inevitable that at least one sock loses its mate during your weekly laundry cycle. Not only is it time-consuming and frustrating to puzzle together what sock matches with what… it’s also costly!

If you have kids, you are the lucky ones now, since the latest trend is to have mismatched socks! Anyone else seen this?

At Clean It Guide, we know just how frustrating it can be to sort socks when you have six people with all different types of feet that wear slightly different sizes. And they’re practically impossible to tell apart. And half the time both pairs of socks don’t even make it into the same load of laundry!

That is why we’re here to help!

Below are five quick and easy tips to make sure your socks never lose their mate:

  1. Use a mesh laundry bag for all socks or use small clothespins to clip pairs of socks together. Although it may be annoying to do this extra step, in the long run, it will save you the hassle and the money.
  2. Buy a different color of socks for each child or label each pair of socks with each child’s initials. For example, you can buy blue socks for your five-year-old and pink socks for your six-year-old. Or use a permanent marker to put initials on the bottom of your socks. This will ensure no confusion and enable you to quickly see which sock belongs to which child.
  3. Buy socks labeled with the size on them. Many brands sell socks that are labeled with the size as part of the no-slip grip on the soles.
  4. Keep a basket for single socks in your laundry room. Don’t throw a sock away just because it’s not part of a pair! Not only is it possible for that pair to turn up in the next load, but mismatched socks can be paired together for muddy days, sports, and even children’s arts and crafts.
  5. Only buy one type of socks and just buy one or two colors for adults. Rather than having to worry about sorting and matching the socks, you will be able to simply just grab two socks and pair them together.

Sometimes happiness is like a missing sock. You know it will turn up eventually, but it will probably be in the strangest place.  ~ Author unknown