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Don’t you just hate wrinkles? Not the ones on your face, although those aren’t welcome either, the ones in your clothes. Sometimes it seems like no matter how many times you iron a certain shirt or jacket, the wrinkle is still there. Are they laughing at you because you can’t get rid of them?

Wrinkles can be a pain but thanks to our friends at diy.repairclinic.com we now have some great ways to say goodbye to those pesky wrinkles once and for all!

Buy wrinkle-resistant clothes
Clothes with cotton in them will wrinkle more than any other. But there are some stipulations to this rule. Your best bet is to remember to always check the labels and see if they are wrinkle resistant or not.

Use liquid fabric softener in your washing machine
By doing this, you’ll start your clothes off on the right path to fewer wrinkles and softer clothes.

Don’t overload your washer/dryer
The more clothes you have, the less space they have to move around in. This increases your chances of getting tangled up together.

Take clothes out of the dryer a bit early
By taking some of your clothes out early, the others will have even more room to expand and come out wrinkle free!

Hang the clothes on hangers
Right after drying, take some clothes out and hang them on hangers. Even if they are a little damp, they should dry wrinkle free!

We hope that these tips help you keep the wrinkles out of your clothes! If you have any more tips or ideas as to how we can keep the wrinkles away, please feel free to share by commenting below!